We stock an amazing range of interior and exterior furnishings and accessories including...

Shabby Chic Furniture, Side Tables, Clocks, Vintage Mirrors and Garden Furniture.

Home Accessories including...

Quirky Ornaments, Ceramics, Metalwork, Woodcraft, Lanterns and Candle Holders.

Also Abi-Mae Jewellery.

If you can't find what you're looking for please ask. We sell high end design without the high end prices.


 Based in a Fabulous "Town House Shop" Timeless Home opened it's doors in 2013. We have four beautiful rooms packed with interesting design lead "Finishing Touches" for your Home

Our basement rooms have original features including Inglenook fireplace and a sandstone floor which create a beautiful area we call the 'Garden Room' here we display a stunning range of garden furniture, metal work & pottery.

We stock a wide range of  Clocks, Vintage & Modern Mirrors, Fire Guards, Wall Signs, Ornaments, Lamps, & many ever changing trending objects.

Our range of Christmas Decorations are Amazing!

If you're visiting the Historic City of Carlisle don't forget to pop in & say hello, you'll find me on Lonsdale Street just a few meters from the Main Bus Station.


I look forward to your visit  and thank you for visiting my website.