Welcome to our Amazing Shop Timeless.  Here are some of the clocks we stock. Click on each photo for a closer look.

Port Hole Clock.

Rustic Iron Port Hole Wall Clock. 43cm Diam x 11cm Deep.


Star Crystal Clock

Vintage Style - Small Quartz Standing Clock with Amber and Clear Crystals decorating surround.  9cm Diam x 2.5cm deep.


Round Crystal Clock.

Vintage Style - Small Quartz Standing Clock with Amber crystals decorating surround.  9cm Diam x 2.5cm deep.


Small Beaded Wall Clock

Vintage Style - Gold coloured Wall Clock with decorative front and back.  H21 x W12 x D3.5cm. 


Aged Wrought Iron Clock

Outline Clock in Vintage sage Green with Black Outline & Vintage Cream Pointers - Diam 1.220mm


Guitar Clock

Pre order - Due in Mid October. Silver Metal Clock withCopper touches. Nuts & bolts have been used for interesting detail.  Great Gift for the Musical Minded.  75cm high x 24cm wide.


Grey Script Clock

Blue Grey Metal Clock with Vintage Script Face. 62cm Diam x 6.5cm deep.


Antiquite Glass Fronted Clock

Antiqued Metal Clock with Burnished Gold Finish.  Glass Front. Diam 62cm x 71cm high x 5.5cm deep.


Outline Clock White

Pre Order - Due in soon.  Vintage White. Metal outline Clock. 1.220mm diam.


Bicycle Wheel

Metal Bicycle wheel Clock.  Rustic brown metal.


Black Outline Clock

Painted black, metal clock.  1220 cm diameter.


Skeleton Clock - 70cm Diam

Metal Skeleton clock with burnished gold detail. Simply stylish with any colour scheme.  70cm diam. Battery opperated. Light & easy to hang.


Grand Central Nickel Wall Clock

Grand Central - Nickel wall clock measures 320 x 410cm


Map Clock - Fobwatch style

Metal clock measuring 59cm diam (74 from top) Map print behind glass front.


Metal Cafe Clock

Iron framed wall clock with vintage style French Cafe writing. Overall 47cm long x 30cm wide


Skeleton Clock - Medium.

Aged zinc skeleton clock with rusty effects. 67cm Diam


Oxford Mantel Clock

Wood on Brushed silver metal Stand & face - H12 x W14 x D6 cm - Oxford London Masterart selection wording.


Reeded Wall Clock

Reeded wall clock. Simple style - 40 cm square x 5cm.


Red Clock on stand. 2484

 Red distressed metal clock swinging on ornate metal frame.  36 x 20 x 10cm. 


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